Systemic® & FootMILL® - CAD

Zwei starke Marken in der CAD / CAM Welt 

About us

Since 1994, we have been the manufacturer of shoe lasts for orthopedic crafts.
From the beginning we have focused on CAD-supported production.
On this basis we have developed our CAD programs FootMILL® - CAD in the field of complete orthopedic. The program blocks use the same platform, which can be used in all areas of technical and shoe technology. One program for all areas.

The key advantage over other programs is that we have designed our program so that the craftsman maintains his usual workflow. This means learning the software is easy and intuitive.

The next key advantage over other programs is that we have created a completely open program. So our program is able to read over 30 different 3D formats and output them again. This means for you that you are completely free in the choice of your hardware, scanner, milling and 3D printers, existing functioning machine can usually be controlled by our programs. Also in manufactureing, you are free to use your lasts but of course we are striving for your order.

The CAD data are compatible with other programs, for example a shaft system.
In the area of ​​advanced production we work closely with SolorFits your FeetNIMCO, Choose your Shoes.

The FootMILL® program

With our FootMILL® - CAD construction program, orthopedic surgeons can make their lasts, insoles and bedding themselves on the computer.

Orthopedic technicians creates orthotics, AFO's, prostheses, helmets and corsets according to your requirements.

With the other products such as FootMILL® - CAM, 3D Scanners and FootMILL® - Milling and FootMILL® - 3D Print, the production is completed.

Feet, plaster, casts and copysocks can be scanned with 2 and 3 dimensional scanners and used as a basis for last production. You can also use the measurement methods that you are already familiar with.


If you are not interested in construction yourself, we are happy to take over this part for you and manufacture your product according to your requirements. Before the production starts, we always give you the possibility to check your product again on the computer, so that your order is executed in a way that meets your expectations.

We also use our acquired know-how in model and mold making. Starting from our patented bed formations over boot block and tensioner up to ship models all belong to our expertise. The production of prototypes and small series with different materials according to your ideas and constructions, including 3D printing, is part of our competences.

Our company works strictly according to the guidelines of DIN EN ISO 9001.